monitor refresh rate -> how to increase? (NO `X' environment)

calmar mac at
Thu Jan 2 04:51:38 PST 2003

yann.morin.1998 at ("Yann E. MORIN") writes:

>  > does anybody know how I can increase my monitors refresh rate in a no-X
>  > environment? (normal terminal mode)

> The framebuffer (fb) is definetly what you want. Compile fb into the kernel
> (or module at first to test), and then read Documentation/fb/framebuffer.txt
> and Documentation/fb/<your-card-name>.txt. You'll have to pass options such
> as vga=<cardname>:<resolution>[:options] to the kernel at boot time, or to
> the module at load time.
Thanks a lot Yann,
I tried it so far with `SVGATextMode package'. I found some
informations how to get it work with a nvidia geforce II card, but I was not
able to understand it, because it was from hungary or slovacia or similar.
So I will gladly try out your hint!

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