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Bill's Linux From Scratch Login lfsbill at
Wed Jan 1 23:56:40 PST 2003

As interesting as the current contentious two (or so) party debate about
the relative merits of X vs. screen is... I think you guys should consider
taking it to lfs-chat or private. We all know that the right tool has as
much to do with individual style/abilities/interests/biases/backgrounds
and ... as with any technical merit.

But common courtesy on your parts, in support of lfs-support intended
activities, will help keep the list very useful. Nobody minds, IMO, the
occasional aside that begins OT and then drifts for one or two cycles.

But I think you can agree that the X vs. screen has progressed to the
point of obnoxiousness for even the participants, not to mention those who
just try to monitor and be somewhat helpful when it's appropriate.

If anything here is offensive, please feel free to post me privately and I
will address it.

Thanks for the consideration.

Bill Maltby
lfsbill at

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