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Wed Jan 1 21:30:55 PST 2003

Farley Benn <nospam at mail.invalid> writes:

> I use the window manager screen, and can have 256 windows (more, actually),
> split or not, with cutting and pasting between them, and titled, at my
> fingertips. No X, no mouse, no GUI.

> Don't feel bad though, it's amazing the number of people that don't know
> about screen, which is, to my knowledge, the only window manager that doesn't
> need the X libs and such.
> As for "anything [useful] extra the GUI can do" , well, you name it and
> I can do it faster and cleaner without the GUI, and change the entire 
> configuration of my desktop on very short notice.
When I would like to play some chess, I appreciate a nice 'graphical'
board, because it's closer to reality. Then again I don't like 3d chess,
just the 2d board is OK for me.
I would not like to play in a no-gui (hmm graphical) environment. For something we have
eyes, which also wants to see some beauty on the screen in order to be
I mean you prefer whatever music you like in old commodore 64 style rather
than cd quality?

But when you really can handle your work without gui, it's possible you
can do it faster and cleaner, not beeing disturbed by too much graphic
(maybe because a no GUI environment let's you concentrate more on the
important things)
 .. i think it depends on what you do. In general I like purists :-),
(good things are simple pretty often)
P.e at the swiss post, the people serving the customers have computer
but no mice - i guess this is so, because it's faster once you know how
to do. (they have high resolution graphic and GUI.. just no mice)
I also like to do things sometimes _only_ with the mouse :P.


(PS: maybe I missed here the point: what's in question ..GUI or ability to show high
resolution graphic? I mixed up above a little bit I guess)
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