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Farley Benn nospam at mail.invalid
Wed Jan 1 21:23:06 PST 2003

In article <20030102051015.28c0b96f.spyro at>, Ian Molton wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Jan 2003 04:50:50 +0000 (UTC)
> Farley Benn <nospam at mail.invalid> wrote:
>> I use the window manager screen, and can have 256 windows (more,
>> actually), split or not, with cutting and pasting between them, and
>> titled, at my fingertips. No X, no mouse, no GUI.
>> Per tty. 
> Yep. I use screen too. useful piece of software.
> NOT a replacement for a GUI.

Not by itself. But with a little knowledge of scripts, aliases, shell
variables and functions added it certainly is.

>> > anything [useful] extra the GUI can do as well is a bonus.
>> > 
>> > so, a GUI is, at WORST, only as useless as /several/ terminals.
>> > 
>> > have a nice day :)
>> Don't feel bad though, it's amazing the number of people that don't
>> know about screen, which is, to my knowledge, the only window manager
>> that doesn't need the X libs and such.
> and whats to stop me having 20,000 desktops, filled with terminals,
> stuffed with 'screens'
> (actually, dont answer that - isnt the hard limit on PIDs about 32000
> odd?)
> but you get the point? I hope :)

Yes. And it isn't a valid one. I have a desktop. It just doesn't look like
a cheap magazine add and has no icons.

>> As for "anything [useful] extra the GUI can do" , well, you name it
>> and I can do it faster and cleaner without the GUI, and change the
>> entire configuration of my desktop on very short notice.
> How would you do this on a text console then, you may use any ancillary
> tool you like:
> *Compile kernels in one terminal
> *Edit kernel source in another
> *X-reference said source in a third one
> *have my ICQ contacs list on screen at ALL times
> *have the audio mixer on screen at all times
> *have the input from the soundcard on screen in a digital
> multimeter/scope type application monitoring some hardware
> *have the display of an emulator (used to run the kernel mentioned
> above)
> *have either xmms or mplayer running, with playlist
> I can do this all on one desktop, with minimal overlap of windows and no
> overlap of important ones. can you do it on one tty?

I don't use what YOU call a desktop, so am not sure what you mean by "one

But I could do all of the above on one tty, with a lot of that in a single
window split into multiple screens that could be enlarged at a keystroke then
shrunk again.

> (oh, and I often have all the above, and netscape running on a seperate
> desktop, occasionally the GIMP...)
> Dont get me wrong, I love the commandline.

I'm not "getting" you wrong. You are wrong.

> I used to use an elaborate pipework of mpg123, lame, and ssh to (in real
> time) decompress, re-encode to a lower bitrate, stream over the internet
> to work, and redecompress mp3s, so I could listen to my home mp3s while
> at work.
> no GUI tool could have done that with the same ease, but then, no
> commandline can do the stuff I listed above with such elegance either.
> Horses for courses.
> NB. Of course, for adminning a box running half a dozen q3 servers,
> screen is the perfect tool...

It is ONE of my tools. The other ones are bash: aliases, scripts, functions,

My desktop does everything I want better than KDE and the like could dream
of, and I can, so-to-speak, turn it into GNOME in a short time.


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