Deploying to a second machine?

Willem Oldeman blfs at
Wed Jan 1 16:21:45 PST 2003

Good for you :-) Be a little daring!

Don't expect it to be easy. If you're like me, the scatterbrains type, you'll 
always find something you didn't think about :-/

You may want to create a bootable CD, or if you're not comfortable with that, 
write your stuff
(maybe) /usr/X11*
to CD and create a bootable floppy (or 2) and be able to access the CD drive.
(You can then copy tools or libs from CD to disk or <ramdisk>)
You may want to take a tomsrtbt floppy ( with you, it 
has those tools you didn't think of.

When I tried to get an old 486 up an running, I found that I had most benifits 
from being able to use the network and copying files from the network (I used 
scp, from the openssh suite) but FTP or WGET should be fine too.

The main things you want to look for are:
if you're porting code for a different or older processor, read
system compatibility for kernel (AMD/Intel, 386/686, etc)
access to the cd drive
access to the network (you can use modules for various network interfaces)
being able to disktools (fdisk, e2fsck, mke2fs and so)
using LILO (maybe GRUB, but I have no experience with it)
Printouts of useful info, if you can't access it from the terminal :-/
Bring the sources with you, along with a functional compiler and libraries
(use the force, luke!)


On Wednesday 01 January 2003 07:27, you (Nemesis) wrote:
> I'm looking at creating an "installable" LFS for use at work... what would
> be the best way to deploy an LFS to another machine, ideally from a
> CD/DVD... Thanks.
> William

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