[Re: [Re: Building without chroot'ing]]

Eric Miller emiller at techskills.com
Wed Jan 1 15:25:07 PST 2003

>The tradition method of doing that is to add DESTDIR=$LFS to
>'make install'. This does not work for all packages:
>binutils flex hcc gzip groff m4 procinfo zlib: prefix=$LFS/usr
>glibc: install_root=$LFS
>kernel: install=INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$LFS
>less: prefix=$LFS/usr bindir=$LFS/usr/bin
>lilo sysvinit: ROOT=$LFS
>net-tools: BASEDIR=$LFS
>netkit-base: Do by hand
>perl: Very tricky. Ask if you are interested.
>shadow: Not as bad as perl.
>sysklogd: BINDIR=$LFS/usr/sbin MANDIR=$LFS/usr/share/man

This is just what I was looking for, thanks Richard.  As I go through these,
do you mind if I bounce my "proposed" install commands to you before running

>I install everything via DESTDIR, and it has taken a lot of time to
>find out how. As you were looking at cutting the install time by
>missing a few things out, I thought you would prefer to avoid the

Actually, its not so much of a cutting install time thing.  Its more of a I
don't want to chroot thing.  I have (a very clunky) install script that I a
re-writing, and I want to minimize user interaction.  Chroot is one thing that
requires user interaction, unless I can cause chroot to automatically "pick
up" where the script "left off", then I want to skip chrooting.  Actually,
that is another question all together:

can I modify the chroot commands to execute a script immediately, without
input from the user?  Maybe modifying ~/.bash_profile (for root, in chroot) or
something else (exec?).  If that can be done, then I'll build static and
chroot into it!

Otherwise, it looks like rewrite time for each and every package.  Ugh.

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