perl probleem

dataholic rd at
Wed Jan 1 14:53:00 PST 2003

Thanks for the hint, i found this in the strace log:

25046 execve("pwd", ["pwd"], [/* 12 vars */]) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or 

Looks like the script cannot execute PWD , what could cause this?

In my chrooted shell I can execute 'pwd' everywhere, any new hints for this 
one ?

Additional info:
distro is SuSE Linux 7.2

I'm feeling that i'm very close to the problem, now I hope someone can come 
up with the *gold* hint :-)


PS: yes i mounted the proc filesystem

On Wednesday 01 January 2003 22:03, you wrote:
> On January 1, 2003 01:58 pm, you wrote:
> > Can't figure out your cwd! at ../../lib/ExtUtils/ line 229.
> > Warning: No Makefile!
> what does that line in that file contain?
> install a static 'strace' program (from the strace package) and use it to
> see if you can find clues why it can't figure out the CWD.
> Run it like "strace -f -F -o output make" and look at the output file
> afterwards. There'll be a lot of junk in it but you should be able to grep
> for the "Can't figure out your cwd" line and look around it to see what it
> was doing prior to it.
> Btw, if $LFS/proc mounted?
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