[RE: Problem with initial boot]

Dagmar d'Surreal no.spam at allowed.here
Wed Jan 1 14:31:10 PST 2003

On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 18:37, Farley Benn wrote:

> On my host system, dmesg gives only a part of the boot-time messages.
> I have tried everything I know to get a full copy of them, with no success.

dmesg reads from a buffer that basically acts like a non-blocking FIFO
which will only hold 8k (iirc) by default.  Any kernel messages that
come through it after that 8k is filled will knock old ones out of the
way, so if your init scripts aren't picky about how they load modules
(just one common cause) the first lines can be easily lost, but you can
beat this a little by calling dmesg in one of your init scripts to dump
the output to a file the moment you have the appropriate filesystem
mounted read-write.  (ObSecurityWarning: Do this someplace only root can
write to.)

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