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Wed Jan 1 14:31:04 PST 2003

On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 17:23, Farley Benn wrote:

> Not only can I do everything that you can do with KDE, but it is faster,
> takes WAY less disk and memory and cpu time, and I can customize it in a jiff,
> any time I want.

Welcome to the age of graphical display software that allows programs to
control the layout and density of information presented to the user in
ways that don't interfere with the displays from other programs. 
Welcome to the age of browsers that use Javascript, Flash, and (coming
up fast) native SVG.  Welcome to the year 2003, where people use mice
(and sometimes tablets) with Gimp to edit digital artwork, instead of
using TheDraw or MicroAngelo.  The technology is here man, learn to use
it or don't be suprised when _you_ are declared obsolete.

You might be comfortable with your console-only setup, and it may well
do everything you need it to, but don't make the mistake of thinking
that you can do everything someone who is using X and a window manager
can do.  One example, you'll never be able to monitor the console status
of nine routers (god forbid anything like Maxen) simultaneously using
screen, but nine xterms can do it easily.  There are more.

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