groupadd, GID issue

Christian Franck cfranck at
Wed Jan 1 14:07:12 PST 2003

First of all:

Happy new year to everybody.
After building LFS from CVS (which worked fine) actually
I found something weird :

Group names are not displayed after ls, only the group numbers.
Launching groupadd -g 100 users can be repeated several times,
but a following chgrp command complains a non-existing group "users"

/etc/group is available (-rw-r--r--) containing entry :

ls -l /sbin/swapon gives  root 0  [...]  swapon

Trying the same from the Linux distro I built LFS from
it works (root/root) is listed.

Anyone for kicking me int right direction?
Thanks in advance.

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