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Wed Jan 1 10:18:14 PST 2003

On Wednesday 01 January 2003 12:06 pm, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been setting up my LFS system on a RedHat 8 located remotely, and
> all the work I have done through ssh, my question is making the LFS system
> bootable. This machine is at friend's home who isn't into Linux at all, He
> can help choosing lfs image to boot up, but even if it boots up
> succesfully, what about network and sshd?
> 2nd has anyone installed kernel-2.4.20 in chapter 8
> Thanks

I set up LFS on a remote server, hehe.  You kinda need to know the network 
values, or look at some of the values in /etc/sysconfig on the base system.  
If he uses DHCP then look at the BLFS hint for DHCP.  Also, just get sshd 
installed before you try to reboot from the BLFS book.

You can tell LILO what image to boot to by using:
lilo -R image_name

This will only apply for one reboot.  Also, if you don't have physical access, 
you might wanna also install fcron and set up root's crontab to reboot every 
5 minutes or something; that way as long as your boot scripts aren't screwed 
up it'll pop back to the old image if network or sshd isn't working.

And yes, I've used 2.4.20 twice now; works like a champ :)

Hope this helps,
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