[Re: Building without chroot'ing]

Eric Miller emiller at techskills.com
Wed Jan 1 10:05:40 PST 2003

>If your CD LFS host is new enough (ie: it runs the exact same Glibc >version
>you are going to install on the harddisk) 

I'm using a 4.0 CD to build 4.0

>then there shouldn't be any problem 
>skipping chapter 5, technically speaking. Your CD is in essence a >perfectly

>OK LFS system that can masquarade as a chapter 5 system.

Man, I wish I had read your response first, Gerard.  I was starting to feel
really stupid. (:-()

So, there won't be any need to change the book instructions, other that to
modify the commands to the path of where the target is mounted instead of /,
correct?  no permission, ownership issues?


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