[Re: Building without chroot'ing]

Eric Miller emiller at techskills.com
Wed Jan 1 09:47:53 PST 2003

>compile bash with --prefix=/mnt/lfs.  When we try to boot into the new
>LFS, then bash will be looking for it's /etc/profile as
>/mnt/lfs/etc/profile, which, of course, won't exist on the new LFS >system

Yes, but you are referring to the static portion.  What I am suggesting is
*skipping* this alltogether becuase a current LFS4.0 CD host is everything
found in CH5 (and more).

>This is another reason for the use of the static builds and the chroot -
>the static builds are to give enough of a development base to start
>compiling things, once $LFS becomes our root, and the new things that >are
>compiled in Chap 6 have the correct paths in the binaries.

Again, I beleive you mis interpret the question.  My apologies for lack of
clarity.  Yes, ch5 is a development base (as should be an LFS CD)

I disagree that the ch5 environment has any effect on correct paths to
binaries for ch6 builds.  Ch6 is built from a new source tree with completely
different c&m&mi commands that indicate the new ch6 FHS filestructure.

am I wrong here? 

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