Problem with initial boot

tim tim at
Wed Jan 1 07:14:58 PST 2003

Ok, I got it to boot finally.  The networking was causing it to hang. 
 It's up and running now.  Some info about trying dhcp or static inside 
the book would be helpful.  Thanks for the help.


Eric Miller wrote:

>>It seems that everything in the rcsysinit.d
>>directory runs then the system hangs.  It is not any particular script
>>called from that runlevel because I have tried changing the order of them
>>on boot and they all say they come up fine.  It appears that the box never
>>tries to run the next runlevel.  Any ideas?
>I *beleive* there is an argument that can be passed (at lilo?) to redirect
>the output of the boot sequence to a file.  Myabe this would be helpful to
>pinpoint exactly where it hangs?  Of course, since your system doesn't boot
>youll need a boot disk or another system to read the file.
>Can somebody more educated confirm or correct this idea?

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