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Chris Lingard chris at
Wed Jan 1 03:56:18 PST 2003

wackman wrote:

> The first time I tried installing lfs, it was through VMWare on Windows
> XP. I had a problem there when trying to chroot to my static build. I
> could chroot there, but then I couldn't do much of anything (env would
> work, but ls wouldn't). I was using the cvs doc dated 12/21/2002.

Every program in the chroot must work, probably the fileutils package
is not static.

Return to chapter 5 and rebuild those packages that do not work.

> Starting tonight, I moved to a live linux system. I'm using Crux (version
> 0.93, I believe) and LFS v 4.0 (dated October). Something I did helped,
> The only thing that is worrying me is that it didn't complain that it has
> no name yet - odd) At least I got quite a bit farther than I had before.
> Now, I'm to the recompile of glibc and I try to patch it, but it's telling
> me that it can't find patch, even though patch is right there in /usr/bin.
> I even tried to do a "./patch" directly from /usr/bin to see if it gave me
> an error about no arguments specified. It just told me "/usr/bin/patch not
> found"

Within the chroot environment you will have no programs in /bin or
/usr/bin -- this is what chapter 6 does.

patch should be in /static/bin/patch  --  does it work?  If not
rebuild the patch package in chapter 5

You will not be able to build much in the chroot environment until
glibc is built;  and to do this, the programs in static/bin must work

> I tried to recompile patch, but it first complained that it couldn't tell
> what host type I was using, then it complained that my gcc couldn't build
> executables. I would recompile gcc so that the system could see that I can
> build executables, but I can't patch gcc so it will compile.

Sounds like your sh-utils is not working too.

> I tried to patch glibc by hand according to the LFS documentation (I
> replaced $PERL with /usr/bin/perl and root with 0) as best I could, but it
> didn't help. It wouldn't compile for me.

Check those programs in static/bin;  you can rebuild any package in
chapter 5.

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