Kernel oops in kupdated

Rob Park rbpark at
Wed Jan 1 01:26:14 PST 2003

Alas! Ian Molton spake thus:
> Well, I just upgraded my Radeon 9000 to a 9000 pro (free!) and got a
> free DVI->VGA adapter into the bargain! Dual head here I come!

Let me know how that goes; I'm diddling with Xinerama, but I seem to be
completely incapable of getting a different picture on each monitor.
It's as though the card itself is designed to simply output the same
signal to both monitors, and there's nothing X can do about it (hell,
even when I'm just on a virtual console it shows up on both monitors...
is that normal?)

> The upshot of this is that between the Radeon 9000 pro putting out more
> heat and the RAM timings being tighter, the CPU runs 3 degrees hotter.

How is that an upshot? ;)

Say, what temp does your processor run at anyway (and what MHz is it?).
Mine's bloody 55 degrees Celcius, I need to buy a second case fan for

Rob Park
	"East is east... and let's keep it that way."
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