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Thus spake Tom Condon (tomc at
> I'm building LFS 3.3 on a Sony Vaio laptop.  I've gotten to the
> section of chapter 6 on Configuring Essential Software.  On
> Configuring your keyboard it says you can skip this section if 
> you have a US default keyboard.  Since it is a US laptop, it should
> be close to the default.  But how do I know on this 
> laptop (with the special keys on a laptop for power and 
> shutdown, etc.) what the keyboard is?
I have a Sony Vaio Laptop and I used the default US keyboard.  Everything works
fine.  To get the special keys to work on the Vaio you need to load a kernel
module CONFIG_SONYPI, under character devices towards the bottom on make
menuconfig.  The usual documentation can be found in your kernel tree
Documentation/sonypi.txt.  For power issues you have to load ACPI which required a
kernel patch for me (2.4.19).  Look at the following web site:

In order to activate ACPI in the kernel you have to choose Prompt for development
and/or incomplete code/drivers since ACPI is experimental.  Which model of Vaio do
you have?  Good luck.

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