Problem with useradd and passwd

Eric Miller emiller at
Thu Oct 31 11:23:41 PST 2002

I just re-read that page.  You also need to be root to run that.  Be
careful, there are other commands like that need to be root to run as well
(chroot), read the book very carefully!


>useradd and passwd are part of the shadow-4.0.3 package and both useradd
and passwd dynamically link to the library
>, but I build a basic linux system using static linking only
according to the instructions of the lfs-book!

	If you are on page 29, you are still in the static build section still, and
therefore using the $PATH and programs available on your host system.  What
version of Linux is your host sytem?  What do you get when you echo $PATH,
and is useradd and passwd in any of those directories?

>What will I do now please? Should I do something important or should I
ignore it and continue building a basic linux > >>>>>system?

	I am told that you can do the static build as root, but I never tried it.
The user lfs is there to keep you from mucking up your host system during
the /static portion.  I would sort out the problem with your commands

Good luck

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