/boot/initrd ???

Tomasz Korycki engine2 at flow.mine.nu
Thu Oct 31 06:56:39 PST 2002

At 09:15 2002-10-31, you wrote:
>well done.
>i copied the necessary files from the hosts distro (initrd + initrd.suse)
>and then i works.
>your hint to insert vga=791 into the lfs section caused a completly black
>screen. dont know why. perhaps you know and can tell me what i did wrong and
>what to do to enable a higher screen-resoluton?

vga=??? is dependent on capabilities of Your display subsystem. When I 
don't know what to put there on the new system, I use vga=ask. Then, after 
reboot, lilo gives a choice of some basic modes, or You just hit <Enter> 
and it goes and tests the subsystem's capabilities and gives You a list to 
choose from, including the mode "numbers". Once You decide, You can change 
Your "vga=..." line.

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