LFS seems to be too big

Dan Osterrath do3 at mail.inf.tu-dresden.de
Wed Oct 30 11:46:13 PST 2002

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> I supposed, when I install LFS it will take about 100MB or like this.
> But when I look in the LFS book, so compiled packages take over
> 1200MB. I think it is too mutch. I though it should take less space
> space then installing Redhat from CD with Xwindow system.
> Thank you for answer, I am really confused by that

Well, you need some more for creating a LFS. At first you have to unpack all 
sources. Then you have to compile these and install these. So in comparison 
to a normal Redhat installation you not only have the compiled packages but 
also the sources and the compiled files in the sources structure. That meens 
you need space to have at least one package twice installed. After that you 
can delete this package source and go on with the next one.
On the other hand you need much more packages for creating a LFS. You need not 
only the programs you want to execute (Xwindow, ...) and some basic libraries 
but also a compiler, linker, kernel sources, ...
After successfully creating a LFS you can go on and deleting unused packages 
as the compiler. But beware you won't be able to extend the system and you 
will need another host system for creating other LFS'.
Very minimalistic linux systems fit on a floppy disc but are only used for 
very special reasons.

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