strip: File format not recognized

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar at
Tue Oct 29 00:21:14 PST 2002

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 14:24, Stefan Waidele jun. wrote:

> I am installing LFS 4.0 and followed the book.
> 'Chapter 9. The End' suggests to --strip-debug the binaries.
> In order to avoit the typos, I pasted the commands from the book, like I
> did with most commands.
> I get loads of messages like:
> /usr/bin/strip: /mnt/lfs/bin/bzless: File format not recognized
> Does that mean that I am one of the 2% who trashed their shiny new LFS
> or is that just normal (or somewhere in between?)

It's normal.  Strip only operates on binary files and bzless (and the
others you see this with) are just shell scripts.

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