Issues installing bash

Aaron Cordova basicasm at
Mon Oct 28 21:33:10 PST 2002

try unpacking the bz2 image again and make sure your in the bash-2.05a 

>From: Matt <bighebe at>
>Reply-To: lfs-support at
>To: lfs-support at
>Subject: Issues installing bash
>Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 19:33:38 -0700
>I would like to start out by saying this is my first LFS and I'm a bit of a 
>Linux newbie.
>The issue at hand is when I enter this section of code from Chapter 5:
>*./configure --enable-static-link \
>    --prefix=$LFS/static --with-curses &&
>make &&
>make install*
>I end up getting the error
>Bash ./configure: No such file or directory
>I'm running Debian 2.2, I'm pretty sure I have ncurses but I could be 
>wrong. Can anyone help?

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