I made it! (gcc 3.2 successful compiled)

Florian Hess (FLoH) hipabos at web.de
Mon Oct 28 10:13:24 PST 2002

Bill Maltby - LFS Related schrieb:

> Another *possibility* is that something was not seated well. When you
> added/removed the RAM, you seated everything well. Also, based on my
> experience, when you have little ram (64MB used to be *huge*) you must
> have plenty of swap. On a machine that 64MB and 256MB swap, I would get
> the failures *sometimes*, but not always. Since I took that machine to
> 96MB, not one failure of that type.

After some difficulties with my own patience ;-) I succeeded in 
installing gcc statically and dynamically - on a P150, 16m RAM + 320m 

Statically: 09h:06m
Dynamically: 21h:11m !!!

So I gave up checking the SBU. This value shall be only a relative 
one, so to astonish "What, glibc 15 times more complex as bash??"...

I've just gone to the Lilo stage in chapter 6, with no compile time 
error at all. And I prayer this will go on :-)(.


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