Problem compiling GCC

Bill Maltby - LFS Related lfsbill at
Sun Oct 27 13:40:09 PST 2002

On Sun, 27 Oct 2002, Robert Larsen wrote:

>It's a real power machine with an Intel Pentium II 233 MhZ CPU and 64 MB of RAM. I thought 128 MB of swap was enough but maybe I were mistaken. Taking off the case seems to have worked thou so maybe the CPU was just overheated even thou the fans seem to be working fine.
>But DAMN it takes a long time to compile GCC (patience is not a virtue of mine).
>Thanks for the help.

IIRC, about 10.5 hours when my 200MHz 64MB P55C (MMX). That was *before*
/static and gcc-3.2.

With /static and gcc-3.2, an IBM6x86-II (Cyrix II) PR-300 (233.xxMHz)
w/256MB went from 6.5 hours before statis/gcc-3.2 up to 8.5 hours for a
complete LFS install. My guess would be you are looking at a full 10 - 11
hours for full LFS.

Disabling i18n (all the locales) can shorten it an hour or two.


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