I made it! (gcc 3.2 successful compiled)

Bill Maltby - LFS Related lfsbill at wlmcs.com
Sun Oct 27 03:24:03 PST 2002

On Sun, 27 Oct 2002, kaiyi lin wrote:

>Finally after around i hours of compiling I made it. I said in last post
>that I assumed that I had CPU overheat problem and cannot make gcc 3.2 
>compile in Chapter5. Now I found out that it was the RAM problem. More
>precisely I had not enough RAM(only 64M and Swap 100MB) 'Cause I DID 
>increased my RAM to 256MB yesterday and compiled gcc 3.2 in Chapter5 
>successfully.(How come?? 64MB not enough for compiling gcc?? Strange)

You needed more swap, I think. Several folks have suggested 256MB as a
minimum when compiling things like glibc, gcc, ... The fact that adding
ram cured it seems to indicate that. I have successfully installed on a
32MB RAM configuration. It was hard work (many sig 11 type things) but
completed by letting make restart after each failure.


Bill Maltby
billm at wlmcs.com

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