rebooting into lfs fails when loading kernel ..............reboot!

Bob Kimmel rkimmel at
Sat Oct 26 08:46:34 PDT 2002

> > your kernel is bad. try compiling a new one. perhaps you selected thew
> > wrong CPU type?
> >
> > Try a minimal kernel.
> This is my first expierience at compiling a kernel so forgive me if this
> should be obvious.
> When I compiled the kernel I used make menuconfig and didn't 
> change anything
> from the defaults that were there.. I will have a look for cpu 
> type.. could
> it be some other configuration option?
> thanks.
> gavin

IIRC, the default on 2.4.19 is a Pentium III - so if you have
something other than a Pentium III or IV and didn't change this
setting, you are going to have problems for sure.

Could be other settings, but the CPU seems like the first and
easiest thing to check.


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