rebooting into lfs fails when loading kernel ..............reboot!

john smith no at
Fri Oct 25 20:21:46 PDT 2002

Up until this final point my lfs project has been going suprisingly well.

My problem is after compiling my kernel as per instructions, and with no gcc
optimisations (if this matters or not) and giving lilo the new info my lfs
system won't boot.

When I select lfs from the lilo menu it says

boot: lfs
Loading lfs ...........................................(DOINK!) it reboots
on me.

Now some stuff that may or may not help someone solve my problem ..

Running an AMDk6 200 32MB RAM
old distro is mandrake installed on software raid setup involving 3 hard
drives (md0=hda+hdb+hdc) giving a total of 450mb there is a /boot and swap
on hdc somewhere.
lfs system is on a 2.5gb bigfoot /hdd1 all allocated to /.

I suspect something about the raid setup is causing a problem but I dunno
enough about it or anything in linux really.
Also /etc/lilo.conf has this line for every other kernel


which I think is something todo with a ram disk.

any thoughts??


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