it's very strange..

Tushar T tush at
Fri Oct 25 19:59:51 PDT 2002

Eric Miller wrote:

>1.  A person asks a question
>2.  You either:
>	2a. know the answer and
>		2a1.  help the person.
>		2a2.  attempt make the person feel stupid, while allowing others to help.
>	2b. do not know the answer and
>		2b1.  think it could be in a howto or man page, and reply as such thus
>appearing (incorrectly) to be part of
>			the solution.
>		2b2.  keep quiet.
>Most people respond well to 2a1, or 2b2.  I see so much 2a2 and 2b1, its not
>even interesting anymore.
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