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Fri Oct 25 19:08:38 PDT 2002

On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Eric Miller wrote:

> Eric Miller wrote:
> I couldn't agree more.  Im sure if I need to know how to spell the capital
> city of Yeomen I could easily be referred to geography book, ironically as I
> stand next to a geography professor in a room full geography grad students.
> In my experience, most how to's are the beginning of a long click-fest of
> poorly written an nebulous information.  Man pages are great, but a little
> hard on the eyes.  (LFS how tos not passing judgement, I have read some
> goodies!)
> Two days ago, I had never written a bash script in my life, now I have my
> LFS system half done, all scripted.  Thanks to the positive people in this
> thread who choose to be helpful.
> 1.  A person asks a question
> 2.  You either:
> 	2a. know the answer and
> 		2a1.  help the person.
> 		2a2.  attempt make the person feel stupid, while allowing others to help.
> 	2b. do not know the answer and
> 		2b1.  think it could be in a howto or man page, and reply as such thus
> appearing (incorrectly) to be part of
> 			the solution.
> 		2b2.  keep quiet.
> Most people respond well to 2a1, or 2b2.  I see so much 2a2 and 2b1, its not
> even interesting anymore.

Either I'm having another severe episode of deja-vu or a post almost
entirely identical to this one was made some months ago--and it's _still_
a load of drivel.  In particular, that geography professor and grad
students would start instantly ganking anyone asking spelling questions if
they had to put up with a new person asking "just this one question" every
three hours for a month or two.  You may be tired of seeing people get
told to read HOWTOs and FAQs, but there's no freakin' way you can be as
tired of it as the rest of us get in seeing the same damn questions be
asked over and over.

_Regardless_ of how badly written some HOWTO's might be, refusing to read
them is an insult to the people who at least make the attempt to write
them, expecting that other people will at least make an attempt to read
them.  This is the internet, where people can write things on websites for
other people to absorb.  It is not a primitive campfire culture where all
knowledge is passed along by oral tradition.  Try to keep up with the rest
of the planet or hop off at the next stop, please.

...and questions about how to write shell scripts are _not_ directly
related to LFS installs, as LFS has no shell scripts that require
user-alteration, only single sets of commands for people to type.   If you
want shell scripts, go ask the ALFS people.

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