it's very strange..

Eric Miller emiller at
Fri Oct 25 14:33:34 PDT 2002

Eric Miller wrote:

>Man, I got yelled at for scripting questions on the support threads....even
>thought they are indirectly related to installs.
>Now, I post my questions to chat, and nobody answers... :(
>Richard, now you know why I posted them to this, more trafficked, board!
Maybe becoz most of the questions that you have broughtup can be
answered by a single reading of the Bash related howtos?

I couldn't agree more.  Im sure if I need to know how to spell the capital
city of Yeomen I could easily be referred to geography book, ironically as I
stand next to a geography professor in a room full geography grad students.

In my experience, most how to's are the beginning of a long click-fest of
poorly written an nebulous information.  Man pages are great, but a little
hard on the eyes.  (LFS how tos not passing judgement, I have read some

Two days ago, I had never written a bash script in my life, now I have my
LFS system half done, all scripted.  Thanks to the positive people in this
thread who choose to be helpful.

1.  A person asks a question
2.  You either:
	2a. know the answer and
		2a1.  help the person.
		2a2.  attempt make the person feel stupid, while allowing others to help.

	2b. do not know the answer and
		2b1.  think it could be in a howto or man page, and reply as such thus
appearing (incorrectly) to be part of
			the solution.
		2b2.  keep quiet.

Most people respond well to 2a1, or 2b2.  I see so much 2a2 and 2b1, its not
even interesting anymore.


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