can't avoid segmentation fault problem

Mark Vickers mark at
Fri Oct 25 00:11:42 PDT 2002

""Eric Miller"" <emiller at> wrote in message

> Sorry you are having trouble (I would ask if you did anything to make
> uninstall before you tried the other way, but I recall earlier versions of
> LFS that warned against this, I defer to the more experienced in this
> group.)

The book says to remove the fileutils-4.1 directory and unpack it again from
the tarball. I did this and then re-installed. But still I got a
segmentation fault.
Is it possible I need to get rid of the previously installed binaries as
well? I couldn't follow the text that comes out on an install so I'm unsure
if it overwrote the version of ls that gave the segmentation fault or if it
thought that the binary was up to date and just left it. Does it do this?
I'll try again later and see if the date on the file changes.


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