gcc 3.2 compile errors

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar at speakeasy.net
Thu Oct 24 16:09:09 PDT 2002

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, Chris Lingard wrote:

> kaiyi lin wrote:
> > Thanks for the tip. Just used mem86 and be sure that my RAM is OK.
> > Then mostly likely my CPU fan doesnot work very fine. I upgraded my
> > CPU to K6-2 550 without getting a new fan.
> >
> > I´ll use sandra 2001 to benchmark my CPU and use any testing SW
> > to check CPU Temp. It should work.
> Can you underclock that CPU.  If you have the motherboard book you
> may be able to reduce the speed slightly.  This often fixes this
> problem.

Umm... That's a standard AMD K6-2 chip you're talking about.  They're rock
solid up to about (Intel fans should cover their eyes before continuing)
145F.  That's not a misprint.  They handle heat really well, but better to
spend $8 on a cheap fan than have the thing overheat or play clock games.
K6's will shut off when they get too hot to stand it (it's been my
experience this happens somewhere above 158F, and I didn't say to uncover
your eyes yet Intel people) but I wouldn't take risks with that--I've only
had the theory tested five or six times due to fan failures.  Without a
spinning fan, better to just leave it turned off and not wasting
electricity than to have it running but under no load at all.

Intel fanatics can look again now.  ;)

I _much_ prefer mainboards with thermal sensors and a BIOS-based temp
monitoring capability for the machines I won't be looking at for extended
periods of time.  ...just a little something to keep in mind for future
buying decisions.

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