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Sébastien Person sebastien.person at insa-rouen.fr
Thu Oct 24 18:08:12 PDT 2002


I've setup a working lfs. And then tried to make a cd as described in
Easy boot C of your LFS (3.3) doc found in lfs hints.

My CD begin to boot but it hangs suddently :

VFS cannot open root device "ram0" or 01:00 ...

so I reboot to the lfs install (on HD) and tried to do :

mke2fs -m 0 $dev_ram

but it doesn't want and say :

can't locate module block-major-1 

So I didn't know what does that mean ? Does it mean that ramdisk isn't
supported ? or does it mean that he needs a special module ?

If someone could help me it would be great. I tried to find doc on the
net but found nothing that could help me...

Thanks a lot

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