initrd, /dev/root, VFS, 2.4.19 heaven :-)

Richard Lightman richard at
Thu Oct 24 03:58:12 PDT 2002

* martial daumas <martial at> [2002-10-24 11:40]:
> Well, i've just woken up, I immediatly tested your method, while thinking "baaa, it
> sounds just too easy, it won't work, it can't work, let's just test it to have an usable
> error  output to post at". Stupid me! I just did what you say, i passed 
> root=/dev/hda3 (i'll try later to see if i can get rid of that with rdev), and it worked
> at the very first attempt, and everything plays nice, / is mounted, init is run
> when initrd is over etc...
This is just how I felt when I tried this method.

> BTW, do you think that it could interest some people if I make an LFS hint with
> my (when cleaned and adapted to LFS) mk_initrd crap ?
I think so.
I you are feeling enthusiastic, you can add busybox. Busybox is one
small program that does the work of everything you want in an initrd.
It can be configured to not include everything you do not want.

> 1000 thanks Richard, you made me see clear, and be sure that it will help us
> a lot to achieve our project
Your welcome. I admit to a bit of cheating though - after having too
much hasle with conflicting documentation, I read handle_initrd in

At some point after 2.4.18, this code does most of the work for you.


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