need swap when installing from CD host system?

Ian Molton spyro at
Wed Oct 23 14:32:39 PDT 2002

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 19:00:40 +0100
Chris Lingard <chris at> wrote:

> >> The CD uses 5Mb of memory, set up as a file, with mkswap run on it
> >> /swapspace   swap        swap    defaults        0 0
> > 
> > Why?
> Guess I am old fashioned, just does not seem right to have no swap

Why? swap is DISC BACKED [ie. non RAM] storage, not RAM backed...

using RAM to back RAM is pointless.

> I think of it as an emergency reserve.  Funny enough, when it compiles
> gcc or glibc it sometimes uses a tiny bit of swap, though this depends
> on kernel version

the kernel doesnt know that that swap is in RAM. why shouldnt it use it?

the kernel is smart enough to figure out what to do anyway.

DATA can only be swapped to SWAP, so theres no point pulling it out of
RAM and storing it in RAM.

code can be simply removed from RAM - it can be pulled back in from disc
where it always was and still is.

> The problem with all CDs is functionality.  I do not want an
> installation menu.  Instead, the user has a real Linux system, and can
> read the book and do their own commands.

Im intending to make a CD such as that but Im not going to be using RAM
in such a weird way... thats just ODD.

theres nothing wring with a RO root, as long as you mount some (tmpfs
backed) RW bits for /home etc.
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