gcc 3.2 compile errors

kaiyi lin kaiyilin at compuserve.de
Wed Oct 23 12:03:57 PDT 2002

Thanks for the tip. Just used mem86 and be sure that my RAM is OK.
Then mostly likely my CPU fan doesnot work very fine. I upgraded my
CPU to K6-2 550 without getting a new fan.

I´ll use sandra 2001 to benchmark my CPU and use any testing SW
to check CPU Temp. It should work.


Conrad Newton wrote:
> kaiyi lin on Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 05:50:19PM +0200:
>>exactly, I tested yesterday like this. At firstly compiled gcc 3.2 fresh 
>>from Source and have one exit error. I then let my computer run for 5 
>>hours (let it do whatever it likes, mostly idle anyway). I compiled 
>>again after the first 5 hours and Got totally different error. I tried 
>>afterwards once again some time later and got another new error msg.
>>I assume that my CPU have overheat problem. I will check it with some
>>SW under windows and report them again.
> It is quite likely that you will experience no problem at all
> with Windows software, since it does not stress the hardware
> to the same extent that Linux does.  You are likely to experience
> problems only under the most demanding circumstances, such as
> compilation of gcc, glibc, or the kernel.
> I had my computer for four years before I even noticed that 
> there was a problem---when I started to compile everything
> from source.  Otherwise, everything works just great.
> Conrad

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