need swap when installing from CD host system?

Richard Lightman richard at
Wed Oct 23 09:50:13 PDT 2002

* Chris Lingard <chris at> [2002-10-23 17:38]:
> The CD uses 5Mb of memory, set up as a file, with mkswap run on it
> /swapspace   swap        swap    defaults        0 0

Why? Swap is used when the system is short of memory. You have just
taken 5MB of memory away and given it back in a form with extra
overheads - vm and filesystem. The machine will run perfectly
well without swap until you have partitioned the hard disc, made
some swap partitions, and told the machine to use them.

> the root partition is another 30Mb of memory).
Why? If the cd is your root partition, only the pages of programs
you need are actually using ram. The rest will be swap in from the
drive as required. If you want to keep the foot print on the cd
small, use mkzisofs. That way you can choose which files are compressed
and which aren't.


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