using non HDD system as host

Chris Lingard chris at
Wed Oct 23 09:33:55 PDT 2002

Eric Miller wrote:

> Chris, Luis, and Bobby-
> Two more CD host questions:
> - The CD systems (knoppix, Chris's LFS CD, etc.) come in an .iso.  How do
> you include the LFS source tarball on the cd?  I can't seem to umount any
> CD system (makes sense) so I can't just pop it out and put the CD in with
> the
> tar.  Is there some way to burn the .iso w/ the source tarball?
See /usr/src/lfs-packages-4.0, (that is why it is so big)

Read the README in the root partion.  The book is at
lynx  /usr/src/lfs-book-4.0/index.html

See if you can get X running; then open a few windows and start

> - How did you guys address the swap problem?  I think I want to use Chris'
> disk, its solid.  What does that use for swap, and whats the best way to
> address this? see previous post and Mr. Lightmans response.

Do not worry about swap if you have at least 128Mb of memory.
If you are on an empty machine you can just make a single partition
of 2-3 Gb and mount it on /mnt/lfs

It has some swap already.  You can make some more on the hard disk
but you would have to do  swap off, change the fstab, then swap on.

The easiest thing is to follow the README, get X working, use lynx
to read the book in one window, and build in the other window


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