using non HDD system as host

Eric Miller emiller at
Wed Oct 23 09:02:27 PDT 2002

> Does anyone have any experiences/feedback with using a boot disk or
> CD-based install (slackware, coollinux, etc) as a host system for
> building LFS?

this seems to be a VFAQ, isn't it?

i used knoppix, a linux on cd distribution to build lfs cvs from not long
ago, a short time before 4.0 was out. it worked perfectly well.

Chris, Luis, and Bobby-

Two more CD host questions:

- The CD systems (knoppix, Chris's LFS CD, etc.) come in an .iso.  How do
you include the LFS source tarball on the cd?  I can't seem to umount any CD
system (makes sense) so I can't just pop it out and put the CD in with the
tar.  Is there some way to burn the .iso w/ the source tarball?

- How did you guys address the swap problem?  I think I want to use Chris'
disk, its solid.  What does that use for swap, and whats the best way to
address this? see previous post and Mr. Lightmans response.


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