findutils-4.1: configure: error: ...cross-compiling

GWright geoffwright at
Sun Oct 20 19:22:54 PDT 2002


doc: 4.0-rc1
packages: lfs-packages-4.0-rc1.tar
base distro: Mandrake 9.0 2.4.19-16mdk

/mnt/lfs is mounted on /dev/hdb7

directory structure looks like:

$LFS is set to /mnt/lfs

[lfs at linux findutils-4.1]$ patch -Np1 -i ../findutils-4.1.patch
patching file find/defs.h
patching file find/fstype.c
patching file find/parser.c
patching file find/pred.c
patching file find/util.c
patching file lib/nextelem.c
patching file xargs/xargs.c
[lfs at linux findutils-4.1]$ CPPFLAGS==-Dre_max_failures=re_max_failures2 
./configure --prefix=$LFS/static
checking whether cross-compiling... yes
checking whether closedir returns void... configure: error: can not run test 
program while cross compiling

There is a post on lfs-support:
Re: Problems after installing glibc
From: Bryan Mason (
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 23:39:12 PDT

which talks about this problem.  However, it seems that Bryan's problem occurs 
in Chapter 6 using [lfs] version 3.3 on top of SuSE5.3. His problem was 
solved by moving " from /usr/lib to /lib in the chroot-ed system."

Since I am only in Chapter 5 at this point, is this relevant to me?  

Someone else from the list asked if he had remembered, "did you remember to do 
this part?                                                                          
echo "cross-compiling = no" > configparms &&"

Does this sound like something I should pursue and if so, could someone 
explain to me where I am supposed to enter this command?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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