Cannot boot my new LFS system

Guy T. Rice guy at
Sat Oct 19 12:51:07 PDT 2002

On Tue Oct 15 2002, Michael Osman Talayman wrote:
> I have finally installed a LFS system, but now I can't boot it.
> I use grub (from my native system) and the grub-setup for the LFS
> system is as follows:
> title LFS
>         root (hd1,0)
>         kernel /boot/lfskernel

The "root" line here is saying your filesystem is located on the first
partition on that drive.  Okay...

> The drive is formated to use the ext3 filesystem and the
> <LFS-drive>/etc/fstab file looks like this:
> /dev/hdb / ext3 defaults 0 0

Oops.  This line is saying your filesystem occupies the *entire* hard
drive and is not located in *any* partition!  If you meant to specify
the first partition, you would need "/dev/hdb1" rather than "/dev/hdb".

> What have I done wrong?

My guess is, you partitioned the hardrive, but then created a filesystem
on "hdb" rather than "hdb1", ignoring the partition table completely. 
It's a miracle GRUB can even recognize the drive at this point.  You
might be able to get away with changing your GRUB line to say "root
(hd1)" instead of "root (hd1,0)", but I'm not sure if GRUB will support
that.  If not, you'll have to reformat and repartition the drive,
recreate the filesytem on "hdb1" instead of "hdb", and reinstall
everything.  Which is probably a good idea anyway, a hard drive with no
partitions at all, just a a bare filesystem, rather than a filesystem in
one huge partition, will probably cause no end of trouble with various

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