booting kernel..... then nada, zip, time to power cycle

Scott Thornley sthornley at
Fri Oct 18 11:03:01 PDT 2002

I just finished following the 4.0 rc1 book, and other than a few instances 
of brain fade/typos/etc...  it all went pretty well, up until boot time.

When I restart, I get (approximately) :

Loading linux..............
uncompressing image Ok booting kernel

Then a bit of drive activity, then absolutely nothing.

So, I must have done something wrong when configuring the kernel.  The 
closest thing that I could find by searching the archives was a reference 
to CPU optimization. My working SuSE 7.3 kernel uses "Pentium", while I 
chose Pentium III, to match what's actually in my laptop. I did enable some 
power management,  so that might be the problem.

I tried to match the config used by the SuSE kernel as best I could by 
eyeball but I've been spending too much time playing with LFS, not enough 
sleeping, so who's to say how close I got.

Is there a mechanical way of  importing the .config file used by SuSE  ? 
That might get me a bit closer than I am, as other than being currently 
unable to use the Winmodem, SuSE is working quite well for me.

Also, this is a quite bit off topic, but apparently you have the option to 
load an image during boot. Does anyone know where that image is kept, and 
how to implement it's being loaded ?


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