localnet script

Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at eos.sunderland.ac.uk
Thu Oct 17 01:29:15 PDT 2002

""Todd V. Rovito"" <rovitotv at stargt.com> wrote

> Is this the same reason why my root is mounted twice, or did I screw
something up?
> output from df -h below
> Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> rootfs                5.0G  1.5G  3.2G  32% /
> /dev/root             5.0G  1.5G  3.2G  32% /

I believe that this is a bug in the linux kernel (2.4.19 only I think)...I
shouldn't think it's too long before a 2.4.20 release now though, unless you
want to try a pre- version kernel.

Hope this helps,


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