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Todd V. Rovito rovitotv at stargt.com
Wed Oct 16 13:42:24 PDT 2002

Thus spake Sam Halliday (samuel at ma.hw.ac.uk):
> i noticed that my machine would not correctly unmount the root
> filesystem on occasion as it was busy... i tracked down the error, its
> if i ever use the loopback device. the actual /dev/loopX remains alive
> even if the FS itself is unmounted and ifconfig lo down is not enought.
> here is an edit to the script which makes sure that the device is
> properly cleared before proceeding... i use devfs but i have also
> commented out the line you would substitute for non-devfs users... (tut
> tut!)
Take a look at the mtab hint.  It suggests a way to fix the problem so it never
occurs and methods to free up your loop back device.  I really don't understand
why this happens, but the mtab hint shows you how to correct it.

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