Cannot boot my new LFS system

Michael Osman Talayman michael at
Tue Oct 15 03:02:17 PDT 2002


I have finally installed a LFS system, but now I can't boot it.
I use grub (from my native system) and the grub-setup for the LFS system is as 

title LFS
        root (hd1,0)
        kernel /boot/lfskernel

LFS is located on the second harddrive (the intire harddrive is designated for 
LFS). The kernel is located on this drive in /boot and is called 'lfskernel'.

The drive is formated to use the ext3 filesystem and the <LFS-drive>/etc/fstab 
file looks like this:

# filesystem   mount-point fs-type    options     dump    fsck-order

/dev/hdb     /                     ext3       defaults    0          0
/dev/hda9   swap               swap      pri=1        0          0
proc           /proc               /proc      defaults    0          0

When I try to boot the system I get this error:

Bootingh 'LFS'
root (hd1,0)
filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x83
kernel /boot/lfskernel
Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition

I did compile ext3 support into the kernel.

What have I done wrong?

Thanks in advance
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