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Tue Oct 15 01:17:22 PDT 2002

Antwort auf die E-Mail vom Mo 14 Okt 2002 11:26:17p :

> * Hannes Birnbacher <mail at> wrote:
>> There's a story behind it, with hours of work to restore 
>> destroyed host distribution, applying rescue disks etc.,
>> but I don't want to bore everybody with that one.
> So you fixed that already. Ignore my earlier reply.

I did'nt ignore it, I printed it out for future reference. Hope I 
won't need it in future, though;-).
>> Seems lilo -u would not delete MBR created by an other
>> distribution, and even after doing lilo -U lilo refused to
>> write a new MBR, because my /boot (with is on an extra
>> partition, shared between LFS and my host distribution)
>> still does contain files created by the previous lilo
>> version. 
> Use the files from the new (LFS) /boot directory then. Make
> a backup of the old /boot partition and copy the stuff over
> from the LFS /boot directory.

Txs, will do.
>> If there is a way to convince the LFS Lilo 22.2 to write a MBR 
>> after all, even if some of the files on my /boot partition are 
>> from 21.7, I would be very grateful for a hint.
> Why mix the two?

I don't want to mix Lilo 22.2 with 21.7 or LFS 4 with Suse 7.3. I 
had Suse 7.3 for building LFS, and now Lilo would not let me stop 
using the 21.7 version. 
At least this was not possible with my limited knowledge or with 
the mistakes I made. The problem was, I deleted the MBR with 
lilo -U before my system was ready to write a new MBR, using only 
Lilo22.2 stuff - the LFS book did not contain advice what to do 
if a boot partition common for all Linux distributions on the 
PC was mounted to LFS /boot. To enter that one in the LFS fstab 
and to copy only the kernel and the from LFS there, 
because I did (and do) not know what the other files are for, 
lead to the problem.

Txs to all again! See you in the list ...
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