GRUB woes :^(

Richard A Downing richard.downing at
Tue Oct 15 00:16:41 PDT 2002

Captain America wrote:

> I applied 01-grub-0.92-vga-nodeprecated.patch
> from within /tmp/grub-0.92/ as follows:
> # patch -p1 </tmp/grub-0.92/01-grub-0.92-vga-nodeprecated.patch
> Now /tmp/grub-0.92/configure won't finish.  It stops with the error
> messege: "Checking whether objcopy works for absolute addresses...
> configure: error: gcc cannot compile C source code"
> And the Makefiles are subsequently not created.
> But if I do not use the patch at all, installation goes without
> a hitch and the result of "Checking whether objcopy works for absolute
> addresses..." is "YES".
> Does anyone have a clue?  Am I applying the patch incorrectly?
> Or is the patchfile buggy?  Please, Please help if you can!
> Thanks a million!
> Chris
> PS- it shouldn't matter whether or not the patchfile is marked as
> executable, does it? -rwxw-xr-x
> It's just a plain-text file, isn't it?
> PPS- I'm using Slackware 8.1 to install LFS 4.0
Do you get any errors when you apply the patch, or any 'chunk succeeded at 
line ...' messages.  These can indicate that the patch isn't being applied 
as the author intended.
There are several versions of both the VGA and Nodeprecated patches about, 
where did you get yours from?
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