4.0-RELEASE vs. 4.0-RC1

Richard A Downing richard.downing at bcs.org.uk
Tue Oct 15 00:11:52 PDT 2002

Captain America wrote:

> The only difference between 4.0-RELEASE and 4.0-RC1
> is that file gcc-3.2-nofixincludes-2.patch.bz2 supercedes
> gcc-3.2-nofixincludes.patch.bz2.
> Is this accurate?  I already have 4.0-RC1.  Could I
> just use 4.0-RC1 along with gcc-3.2-nofixincludes-2.patch.bz2
> (and the 4.0-RELEASE book, of course) and call it good?
> Downloading lfs-packages-4.0.tar on a 28kbps link will suck.
> Thanks for any insight!!
> Chris
> PS- Isn't there a lfs-commands-4.0.tar.bz2 anywhere?
I've built several LFS versions and never downloaded a full set of packages 
since day 1.  Just check the Changelog in the book version you are using 
and download the revised packages either from the LFS mirror you use or 
from the package's homesite.  I'd caution you not to use package versions 
beyond the book until you know what you are doing - the set in the book has 
beenn tested to work together.
You can find the answer to your question on the differences between versions 
by reading the changelog.
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