GRUB woes :^(

Captain America ftbchris at
Mon Oct 14 14:13:55 PDT 2002

I applied 01-grub-0.92-vga-nodeprecated.patch
from within /tmp/grub-0.92/ as follows:
# patch -p1 </tmp/grub-0.92/01-grub-0.92-vga-nodeprecated.patch
Now /tmp/grub-0.92/configure won't finish.  It stops with the error messege:
"Checking whether objcopy works for absolute addresses... configure: error:
gcc cannot compile C source code"
And the Makefiles are subsequently not created.
But if I do not use the patch at all, installation goes without
a hitch and the result of "Checking whether objcopy works for absolute
addresses..." is "YES".
Does anyone have a clue?  Am I applying the patch incorrectly?
Or is the patchfile buggy?  Please, Please help if you can!
Thanks a million!

PS- it shouldn't matter whether or not the patchfile is marked as
executable, does it? -rwxw-xr-x
It's just a plain-text file, isn't it?
PPS- I'm using Slackware 8.1 to install LFS 4.0

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