Lilo Version conflict

Hannes Birnbacher noemail915 at
Mon Oct 14 11:06:14 PDT 2002


after finishing the LFS 4 book 20021005 (Host System was Suse 
7.3) and successfully re-booting I deleted some entries in 
lilo.conf, like the February 2002 LFS version because it was 
obsolete and an other boot configuration with the LFS 4 system 
with the Kernel of my host distribution, because the old LFS was 
replaced by the current version 4 and the kernel I compiled 
following the LFS 4 book was properly working, so there was no 
need for the entry using the Host system Kernel for the LFS 

The /boot files are on a separate Partition, which was mounted 
properly in fstab of LFS 4 as well as of the host distribution.

When I wanted to write those changes into the MBR with 
/sbin/lilo, it said it found the MBR of LILO 21.7 version of my 
host distribution, and being Lilo 22.2, it did not make any 

I therefore typed /sbin/lilo - u so I could have Lilo 22.2 write 
a new MBR, with the same result. Then I chose to type /sbin/lilo 
-U for the same reason, but Lilo still would not write a new MBR, 
now stating that there was a file boot.? (don't clearly remember) 
in my partition mounted as /boot and this file was from Lilo 

So, my PC now does boot MS-windows directly, and the new LFS 4 
System as well as my host distribution are lost for the time 

Furthermore, the host system seems to be destroyed by some file 
error in connection with the keymaps system. I found out that I 
had typed quertz in the symlink to, because in 
the german language there is never used the "q" without a 
following "u", but this was wrong, of course. I corrected the 
typo, but in the meantime the host system was gone for whatever 
reason, being in an endless loop "writing (???) to a read-only 

If there is a way to convince the LFS Lilo 22.2 to write a MBR 
after all, even if some of the files on my /boot partition are 
from 21.7, I would be very grateful for a hint. 


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